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Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) is a full body therapy that produces maximum rehabilitation of structural conditions that cause chronic pain and dysfunction.  What makes SET more effective than other massage modalities and physical therapies?

The integration of:

  • Cranial/Structural Releases to initiate the unwinding of the body's structural core (spiral) distortion into long-lasting balance and restoring the cranial structures to full range of motion, supporting nervous and glymphatic system functions. No other modality uses these techniques - this is NOT cranial-sacral - and they are effective treatment for headache, migraine, concussion, brain injury (TBI), brain inflammation, vertigo, sinus issues, Lyme disease, toxicity states and in some cases, autism.

  • Specialized Myofascial Soft Tissue Protocols to release myofascial holding patterns, scar tissue and adhesions that maintain distortions, causing pain, weakness and dysfunction. These protocols are effective in resolving musculoskeletal pain and injury, surgical scars, scoliosis, pelvic imbalance, TMJ, whiplash and neck pain, Thoracic Outlet, Carpal Tunnel, Bell's Palsy and other nerve entrapments.

  • Somatic Energetic Healing Techniques to release emotional and energetic blockages that contribute to pain and holding patterns. These techniques may improve outcomes in anxiety, depression, PTSD and emotional challenges.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simple: structure begets function. When we address the body's structural distortions, restrictions and imbalances, we can impact function, from the micro to the macro. From this starting point, my practice seeks to appreciate you as a whole, rather than focus on a collection of symptoms. I treat those experiencing chronic pain, complex syndromes and disease by addressing the underlying causes of dysfunction, imbalance and damage.  Choosing a more holistic, patient-centered path, I prefer to use a systems-based approach, considering the multiple factors that may influence your health and well-being. I take time to listen to you, always seeking to work in a therapeutic partnership with you to explore your complex history and take into account the interactions between experiential, genetic, environmental, energetic and lifestyle factors that naturally influence your overall health. Ultimately, I work to move you into long-term health and seek to support your sustained well-being.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

My Story, So Far...

I'm a clinical massage and somatic therapist, experienced in medical and wellness settings. My practice is focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal imbalance and trauma, including migraine and concussion, as well as the management of disease and chronic conditions.

A Bloomington native, I graduated from Indiana University with degrees in Applied Health Sciences and Psychological & Brain Sciences. Logically, I put all that higher education to good use by running off to join the circus and spent the next few decades touring with traditional shows across the globe, working as a performing artist and artistic director. My experience as a working professional athlete provides me with some unique insight into functional kinesiology and athletic performance, not to mention a well developed sense of humor!


After retiring from the circus in 2010, I attended the Arizona School of Integrative Studies program at the College of Lake County outside Chicago, completing 600 hours in Anatomy / Physiology, Kinesiology, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity, Reflexology, sports massage and professional ethics. Graduating with honors, I passed my NCBTMB national board certification and received my  Illinois Healthcare Provider license, setting up my first practice with a successful OB/Gyn M.D. in  Advocate Condell Hospital. More recently, I spent two years working with the excellent team of therapists at Touchstone Wellness Center here in Bloomington.


Because learning is a lifelong endeavor, I've continued my education with over 300 hours of advanced studies, including a 3-year course in Structural Energetic Therapy ®, attaining full certification in this spectacularly effective modality. Other studied modalities include Myofascial Release, Manual Lymph Drainage, pathology of edema, prenatal and postpartum massage, fertility massage, infant massage instruction, breath-work and emotional release techniques.


Now happily settled back into my hometown with my fabulous son, I love my life and work in health and healing. I'm committed to the treatment, support and healing of the whole person, across the lifespan; because the world is a better place when we feel like our better selves!

Ann Dorwin

BS, BA, LMT, SET Therapist, CMLD, CPMT

MT21304611 / NPI 1679114193

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